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Characteristics to Look for in a Good Architect

Characteristics to Look for in a Good Architect

Starting from a small room in a house to planning the layout of the entire city; an architect does it all. Apartment buildings, schools, commercial spaces, libraries and almost every structure you stumble upon has an architect behind it who pulled in their day and night to work on creating the project. 

Whether you are looking to commence a new construction or planning on redeveloping or altering some space; architects are your go-to person! 

However; not all architects will reap you the same outcomes. Choosing the wrong architect can shatter your dream project. Whereas the right one can fabricate better than what you imagined. The architects Stendel + Reich; possess all the qualities you are looking for in an architect for your next project. 

Read on to know the top 5 characteristics to look for in a good architect!

1] Excellent communication skills 

No matter how great an idea is; if it is not communicated effectively, it is of no use. Good architects can express their thoughts and ideas effectively through different mediums like verbal, conceptual, diagrammatic, or written. Mostly communication is channelized through pen strokes. However, they have the power to verbally convince how the design works the best! 

2] Great planners and organizers

With their rigorous education course; architects are shielded to carry out hectic tasks and execute them right in time. They have clarity of thought, plan efficiently and are organized in their work. 

3] Reasoning and rational thinking 

The perfect balance of logic and creativity needs to be attained for a successful project. Architects can look into practicality and aesthetics and integrate them in the best fashion.  

4] Problem-solving and team working abilities 

With an open mind, a good architect can consider various perspectives and analyse a problem to comprehend it and find solutions. They have a keen eye and can ensure every detail is considered before conclusion is drawn. 

5] Quest for knowledge and experimental 

From traditional methodologies to the latest advanced technology, a good architect must know it all. They have a strong desire to learn at each step of progression. Without experimentation, there is no innovation. Good architects take up fascinating experiments to arrive at a conclusion.  

Lastly, they are resilient and accepting of their errors. They are adaptive and healthily evaluate to make corrections. If you want to have your project done remarkably, you must give your project in hands of an architect possessing these qualities and watch as your vision comes to life.  


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