Texas Workers Compensation And The Catastrophic Workplace Injury


    Anyone who has suffered a catastrophic workplace injury in the state of Texas will need to know how to apply for texas workers compensation. These injuries are there and usually lead to permanent damage affecting the worker for years to come. Not only will the catastrophic workplace injury prevent the employee from working, but it can also prevent them from regular day-to-day tasks such as eating, dressing, or spending time with family. In many cases, catastrophic workplace injuries will need the guidance of a texas workers compensation attorney. A texas workers compensation attorney can guide the injured person and their family on how to file a lawsuit and receive compensation to pay for medical bills.

    Understanding Catastrophic Workplace Injuries

    Before talking about compensation, it is essential to understand what classifies as a catastrophic workplace injury. There are laws written in the United States to guide workers on determining their injury is considered a catastrophic one. The federal law states that a catastrophic injury occurs when a person is injured and prevented from conducting any gainful work. There are varying degrees of catastrophic workplace injuries, but they all have one thing in common, and that is the amount of permanent damage the person suffers. It is an injury that prevents them from having the same quality of life as they did in the past.

    A texas workers compensation attorney can give more guidance on determining if a workplace injury is to be classified as a catastrophic workplace injury. It is usually done with the help of medical and legal professionals. The courts will look at aspects of the case when a lawsuit is brought to their attention. Aspects for them to consider include looking at whether the injury caused the worker to become permanently disabled. They will consider if the injured person has the ability to recover from the injury or not. It is also helpful for them to know if the injured worker will need ongoing medical care either at home or in a facility. It is also helpful during the lawsuit for the Court to consider whether the injury has affected the person’s ability to carry out gainful employment and receive an income. A catastrophic workplace injury can be detrimental to the finances of a family when the breadwinner is injured.

    Types of Injuries

    There are various types of injuries to be aware of that are considered catastrophic. For example, a workplace injury that causes a limb to be amputated would be classified as a catastrophic injury. Workers who are badly burned can also suffer from permanent damage. It is also possible for extensive fractures over multiple parts of the body to be considered a catastrophic workplace injury. Some people have experienced workplace accidents that have damaged the spinal cord leaving them and unable to look after themselves. Not only is damage to the spine a type of catastrophic, but damage to the brain may also be a form of catastrophic workplace injury. A texas workers compensation attorney often sees a lot of injuries involving the brain that has catastrophic effects on the victim.

    Getting Help

    It is essential for those injured and their families to receive the help they need from a qualified party who know how to proceed in order to get compensation and care for the injured and their family. This is possible by reaching out to an attorney, skilled in texas workers compensation law for injuries that are catastrophic.


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