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Cryptocurrency – how do I become its owner?

Cryptocurrency – how do I become its owner?

Cryptocurrency is an encrypted, non-regulated virtual currency used as the counterparty to a currency in exchange transactions. Cryptocurrency has no real form; it exists only on an electronically stored network in the form of data. It is currently one of the most profitable currencies in the world. The most popular ones are cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin. The first version of the cryptocurrency appeared in 2009
  • Ethereum. The creation began in 2015. The technology is used in transaction registration, resource/author rights transfer
  • Litecoin. Considered a derivative of bitcoin. The generation was launched in 2011
  • Dash. Formerly known as Darkcoin. Requires minimal resources to mine

How do I get cryptocurrency?

Anyone who is registered with the system can become a cryptocurrency owner. All you need to do is create your e-wallet, verify your account and save your credentials in a safe place. The wallet is ready to be funded as soon as registration is complete.

Ways to acquire cryptocurrency (using Bitcoin as an example):

  • Mining on your computer
  • Connecting to cloud mining services. Provides access to powerful remote servers suitable for mining for a low monthly fee
  • Purchase at the current rate. You can use any online exchanger that offers the best rate and accepts the currency available. You can use almost any kind of savings for the exchange

Do cryptocurrencies need protection? 

That cryptocurrency itself is anonymous has long been debunked as a myth. All transactions can be traced because the information about them goes into the blockchain, which is publicly available. This can make you an easy target for hackers.

To avoid this fate, and to completely anonymize your transactions, use a bitcoin-mixer service. These platforms help to obfuscate your transactions by mixing your coins with the coins of other users, making it impossible to trace the transactions.

BitMix https://bitmix.biz/en is one such service. The main features of this service are:

  • Instant execution of transactions
  • Complete anonymity
  • Minimal fee


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