How Do You Select Your Bubble Wrap For Protective Packaging?


Bubble wrap is a very important packaging supply and if you ship your products without this protective packaging material your products could easily be damaged. You would have invested heavily on the product development and for manufacturing of your products. All your efforts would go futile when you try to cut short your expenses on your bubble wraps or if you choose the wrong kind of bubble wraps for your products. How to select the right bubble wrap for your protective packaging needs?

Many of us do not know that there are various grades and types of bubble wraps. In most cases when people ask where can I buy bubble wrap they just presume that all bubble wraps that they find in the market are made equal except for the size of the sheet. If that is what you too are thinking then you are wrong. You should know that the bubbles in the bubble wrap come in various sizes. You will find bubble wraps with large sized bubbles as well as with small sized bubbles. The level of protection given by bubble wraps with large bubbles is certainly higher than the bubble wraps with small bubbles. If you are required to package small sized objects that are not too heavy then smaller bubbles will give the required protection. In case if such a small sized, light weight object is also delicate then you need bubble wraps with larger bubbles. Based on the product dimensions and the product type the bubble wraps should be selected. 

The thickness of the bubble wraps will also vary. If the bubble wrap you select is very thin then it could tear off without giving the required protection to your products exposing the products wrapped in them to the risk of damage. You will have to therefore invest in bubble wraps of good quality. Before you order your bubble wraps, you should check the exact measurements required for packaging your products safely. It should not be too large or too small. All the sides of the product should be covered. The bubble wrap should naturally flow over the profile of the product only then you will get adequate protection. 

When you source your packaging supplies from a manufacturer that offers custom packaging supplies you could get the sheets perforated at the desired lengths and widths so that you do not waste the bubble wrap while tearing it. Precut or perforated bubble wraps will make the packaging process fast and easy too. 

If possible try to source your bubble wrap rolls from a company that could take care of all your other packaging supplies requirements too so that you do not have to wonder where can I buy thermal transfer labels or packaging tapes or any other packaging and shipping supply that you require. It is lot more convenient to source your all your packaging supplies from a single manufacturer as do not have to follow up with multiple manufacturers. 


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