Is It Better To Take A Private Loan From A Licensed Moneylender?


When we are looking for a private loan in Singapore, we have more options to choose. We can borrow it from banks or licenced money lenders. When an individual is looking for a private loan, they can borrow it from the bank. However, sometimes the bank takes time to process the loan amount or approving it, but when the question comes, is it better to take a private loan from a licenced money lender? The answer is yes. It is because approving and processing of loan through moneylenders takes few minutes or can say instantly. They are safe money lenders one can find in Singapore, and they governed under the Singapore government.

  • Safe and secure

In Singapore, licenced money lenders monitored and governed by the ministry of law by the Singapore government. They are safe and secure when it comes to borrowing private loans because the Singapore government fixes their interest rate and other charges. They follow the same market rate that other financial institutions or banks follow. They do not charge extra to an individual when borrowing a private loan from them. The best advantages are they do not ask to provide any additional fee for approving the loan. When Other banks follow the same policy and approve and process the loan instantly when there is a need for cash urgently.

  • Available 24*7

When there is a need for cash, or it’s urgent, we need a lender who is available 24*7 around the clock, so we get the private loan we wanted to pay for our house rent, credit card bills, medical emergency, medical expenses etc. In Singapore, licenced money lenders available 24*7 to lend us loan anytime in a day or night and help us from any financial trouble or crisis. There are many money lenders available in Singapore, and we can find them by checking the internet or through well popular advertising agencies whenever we need cash.

  • Protect every individual information secure

Every licenced money lenders in Singapore governed under the Singapore government. Protecting the information of each individual is the top priority of every money lenders. When we apply for a private loan, we need to provide our financial statements, bank details, address proof and all this information protect by the licenced money lenders when we give them all these critical documents for borrow a private loan from them. Moneylenders are private companies governed by the Singapore government. Without any worry, we can borrow loan from them, and our information will also stay secure without any data breaches. Whenever we need a private loan, we can borrow from them.

  • Prevent and protect from loan fraud and scam

In Singapore, we can see unlicensed money lenders who are individual people very wealthy. Still, these money lenders are fraud or can scam loan fraud where they will promise us to approve the private loan but later on will ask for extra fees, and sometimes they abuse and can also impact our financial goal. They can also threaten us by asking to pay more interest rate, which licenced money lenders do not do, and we need to protect ourselves from these unlicensed money lenders in Singapore.

Moneylenders in Singapore is the idle choice for everyone when looking for a private loan because they are safe and secure when taking loans. Firstly they are available 24*7 to help us during an emergency or for any situation where we need cash instantly. Accepting and approving loan from money lenders is easy, and the loan approval is immediately saving time and money. Licenced money lenders in Singapore are all over the place, and the availability is high when borrowing a private loan. The best advantages their rate of interest is low, which make us protect ourselves from any financial crisis when we repay the loan to them.

  • Help during an emergency

When there is an emergency, whether it a medical or personal, we do not have to worry anymore where we need a private loan. Moneylenders are a lifesaver because we do not have time in an emergency and treat the person whether it’s an accident or any health problem we need money. Finding them is easy in Singapore through an advertising agency or the internet. There are many websites with 24/7 customer support for any help when it comes to borrowing a private loan. However, we should always choose and borrow money from licenced money lenders, not from any individual who is not licenced, to protect ourselves from any loan scam and extra charges while approving the loan.

  • No extra charges

Extra charges mean adding additional cost. When we borrow private loan from moneylenders in Singapore, as they monitored and governed under the Singapore government’s ministry of law, they cannot impose any extra charges while taking loans from them when they approved the loan. Also, they do not add any extra cost to the private loan, which when we borrow from them with the principal loan account, which makes us difficult to pay the loan amount and affect our financial goal. Their rate of interest also fixed, so when we repay the loan, we do have any problem.

  • Get private loan even the credit score is low

The best advantage of borrowing money from money lenders is that they can pay us a loan when looking for a private loan. Even an individual credit score is low. They can get the loan amount, and the loan gets approved because moneylenders only look for proof of income. When we give them all the essential documents for the loan, we will borrow from them. Moneylenders in Singapore look into every individual annual income and do the calculation to provide us with the private loan amount that we are eligible to get.


Getting a private loan is easy and fast in Singapore nowadays when we borrow from licenced money lenders in Singapore. They are secure and safe and available 24/7 whenever we need instant cash for any situation in life. Getting a loan takes some time if the credit score is not good, but we do not have to worry anymore because even there is a low rating in our credit score, moneylenders will provide us with the loan and approve them.


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