Maximizing Precision and Efficiency When Removing Objects From Airfield Tarmacs


Foreign object debris (FOD) is a major concern at airfields of varying sizes. The debris can directly result from airside activity, and it poses a serious threat to aviation safety. Sources of the debris often include vehicles, GSE, aircraft, and other equipment. Mechanical deficiencies and human error can contribute to the accumulation of debris on the tarmac. 

As a result, washers, rivets, pavement fragments, rocks, tire rubber, pieces of luggage, and catering debris create a hazard on the runways. These items can reach the airside of an airport in zones around buildings and aircraft. Areas accessible to airport staff and passengers generate these high-risk items. A single piece of debris can inflict costly damage to aircraft while taking off or landing on the tarmac.

Foreign Object Debris Removal

Taking effective measures to remove foreign object debris is a vital aspect of airport management. The steps should focus on the landside and airside of the airport. Over the years, the tools employed in the cleaning process have evolved. Advanced technologies have replaced or complemented traditional control systems like waste buckets.

High-efficiency airfield sweeper systems like FOD*BOSS provide a guaranteed way to detect and eliminate unwarranted debris. The best part about the solution is that it captures various materials faster and affordably. It is a viable solution, even for smaller airports.

Debris containers located at entrances allow airport personnel to gather all foreign objects. Items placed in the containers undergo a thorough inspection to determine its origins. 

The airport’s choice of ground support equipment makes a difference in minimizing and detecting debris. Well-chosen equipment drastically improves the safety of passengers and the workforce.

Enhanced precision with FOD*BOSS Airfield Sweeper

The BOSS system provides superior sweeping capabilities on tarmacs, thus enhancing safety standards. It is a low-cost solution that is highly useful in military and civilian airfields. Operators can deploy the sweeper at short notice to ensure the runway is clear.

With this tarmac sweeping system, it becomes easier to achieve a 99 percent capture rate. The award-winning product can handle workloads of up to 360,000 square meters per hour without undermining precision. 

FOD*BOSS comes with several advantages. These include:

  • High efficiency
  • Effective on both wet and dry tarmacs
  • Easy to use
  • Requires no maintenance
  • The product is highly adaptable
  • The sweeper comes in a compact and portable design 
  • Affordable

This patented product can capture different types of foreign object debris, including sand, bolts, stones, and pavement fragments. Operators can tow the unit with any motorized vehicle, thus ensuring convenient operation by a single person. It collects debris when towed at low speeds without worrying about safety as it navigates parked aircraft.

The BOSS sweeper features durable brushes, which maximize the collection of wide-ranging materials using specially-designed Aero-thane scoops. Collected foreign object debris gathers in a rugged retaining mesh to ensure easy removal.


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