What Are the Qualities of a Good Secretary in Hong Kong?


Scouting for a good secretary is not easy especially when you’re trying to look for their inner qualities. You can’t just look at their resume and judge them based on their looks. You have to set your standards and let the wannabes prove their worth as they reveal themselves during the interview. If you want to skip this process, you can just simply subscribe to an HK Secretarial Services Provider as they give you the secretarial services you need. Whether you do the former or the latter, it’s still beneficial to know what are the qualities of a good secretary in Hong Kong that you should be looking for.

HK Secretarial Services Should Provide Secretaries that Possess the Following Good Qualities :

  1. Ability to Organise. With the many demands of work, a good secretary must have the ability to organize their work. The requirements should be identified first then organized according to their importance and deadlines.
  2. Ability to handle Correspondence. The company secretary must be able to receive letters and group them according to dates and topics. Some letters need an immediate response while some don’t. All the information in all letters must be kept confidential at all costs.
  3. Ability to check the quorum whenever there’s a meeting. The secretary must take note of the attendance during any meeting and report to the board whether the expected attendees are in a quorum. The secretary must always be on time and should never be late by all means.
  4. Ability to respect the confidentiality of the letters. There are times when a personal mail of an employee is addressed to your company. They do that especially when they spend more time in the office than in their homes. The company secretary should not open it by all means and simply log it for the purpose of recording.
  5. Ability to work closely with the Board of Directors. The company secretary must establish rapport with the Board of Directors for ease of working. When she is comfortable with the board, it’s easy to say what’s on her mind.
  6. Ability to keep important records. The secretary must not simply rely on their memory to take notes of important events of the company. They should keep records of important dates and events. During every meeting, they should be taking notes as well on important ideas and turn them into minutes of meeting later on.
  7. Ability to Prepare Meetings in Advance. The agenda for the meeting should be prepared in advance. All the expected attendees for any upcoming meeting should be given notice. They should sign in their signature in a logbook or on an acknowledgement receipt as proof they have been given notice.
  8. Ability to Summarize Discussion. Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, one of the jobs of a secretary is to prepare the minutes of a meeting. If they simply record everything during any meeting and not summarize, the document will be lengthy. The ability of the secretary to summarize the discussion will save the day.
  9. Ability to Inform People of the Important Things pertaining to the company. The company secretary should be able to inform all the pertinent employees of the company of the important events happening just like the Annual General Meeting and modification of their by-laws. This is something that HK Secretarial Services shouldn’t neglect.

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