5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions



Promo tags often get shoppers heading for the next item they can purchase at a deal that is too irresistible. A well-strategized sales promotion also easily catches a customer’s attention, influencing them to request more information about a product.

Paper labels and posters used to be the go-to method of most establishments to inform customers of their sales promotions. However, they are often prone to human errors and information inaccuracies. These factors can inconvenience purchasers, giving them a negative impression of the shop’s services and eroding consumer trust.

Customer satisfaction sits at the heart of many businesses, as a good relationship helps companies grow and expand their clientele. With the retail market becoming more competitive than ever, businesses are implementing new ways of enhancing their promo strategies.

Electronic sign labels (ESLs) replace their paper counterpart, enabling retail stores to automate their pricing and product information labeling operations. Some utilize an e ink shelf label, which mimics the look of real ink on electronic displays, while others use LED versions.

Through convenient and interactive ESLs, purchasers can enjoy a better shopping experience, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, this digital transformation also improves productivity among employees.

To help businesses maximize their investment, SoluM offers their revolutionary Newton system that can make sales promotions stand out from the rest of the competition. SoluM has been a frontrunner in the electronic shelf label industry. They continuously innovate their products, adapting to current trends in the market.

Newton allows establishments to automate their operations further as it brings ESL to a whole new level. It provides better technological capabilities and more useful features that enhance the experience of both staff and shoppers.

SoluM understands the importance of having a competitive advantage in the market to stay ahead of other industry players. They provide the following infographic for more information about how their Newton system can boost sales promotions.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions


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