Know What Essential Care You Should Have With Your Leather Boot


You bought a leather boot, went out with it, traveled, had a great time, and you wish it lasted forever, wouldn’t you? Well, forever, it won’t last, unfortunately. But some simple care will make your shoes look good for much longer.

Leather, by itself, is already a very resistant and durable material. So, if you take the time to clean and maintain your leather boot properly, it will stay with you for years to come. This post presents the essential care you should have with your leather boot and conservation tips to keep it looking new!

Switch Shoes And Let Them Air Out

You may have heard that we shouldn’t wear the same shoes for several days in a row. This is a truth you must adhere to, not just for your leather boots but for every shoe you own. In fact, because of perspiration, the ideal thing is that you take a break of at least a day to use the same boots again, as the leather requires a drying time after use. For the same reason, don’t immediately put your boots away after taking them off. Wait until they are completely dry to avoid unwanted odors.

Store Correctly And In An Appropriate Place

It may not seem that important, but the way you store a leather boot such as the Thorogood work boots directly influences how long it lasts. Leather is a natural material, so you need to be careful in damp environments so that fungus does not spread on your boot. Moisture also directly damages the leather and crumbles its surface.

Therefore, keep the shoes in an airy place and store them without crushing the leather to avoid marks and deformations in the material. Also, it is important not to store boots in plastic bags: leather needs ventilation, so prefer TNT packaging or boxes with holes.

And attention: never keep your dirty leather boots! Dirt creates mold and quickly spoils your shoes. See below how to proceed correctly with cleaning.

Always Clean And Treat Your Boots

Cleaning your boots will prevent the leather from drying out and prevent premature wear. For this, the leather boot must be cleaned regularly, especially if you use it frequently. A damp cloth is enough to remove dust and surface stains from the boots. Remember to remove the laces so that the dirt comes out more easily and specific leather products don’t hit them. For the sole, use water and a soft brush.

If the shoes are very dirty, you can use a leather cleaner, which will perform a much deeper cleaning and remove impregnated dirt. Wait for it to dry completely before proceeding with the treatment of your leather boot. Then apply a specific product to moisturize the leather on your boots, such as our Wax Leather wax, which recovers the leather, makes it more flexible, and helps to waterproof it and prevent it from drying out.


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