Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic


The crisis brought by the coronavirus pandemic has firms and businesses facing numerous challenges while continuously navigating implications and addressing resiliency to establish business continuity.  

With the sudden halt in operations leading to the workforce’s disruption, it forced companies to switch to remote working. 

While it is undeniably an excellent decision to promote productivity and resuming business operations, firms need to look out for risks associated with employees’ freedom in using personal devices while working screen monitoring software for employees remotely.

As employees work remotely, the abrupt change in working setup came with the challenge of monitoring employees’ communications. Furthermore, with the multitude of communication platforms available for employees to use, it becomes more of a significant risk in protecting sensitive data.

It is highly likely for employees to use such communication tools and channels to be efficient and practical. However, it lacks the necessary protection to ensure secure sms messaging and prevent potential information leakage and security breaches. 

Industries are generally required to comply with regulations and several laws: especially the financial sector, that focuses on data protection. Thus, it is a must for firms to have efficient message monitoring solutions. 

With a reliable messaging solution provider like Telemessage, messaging, and call monitoring are more manageable and prevent risks that can harm a firm’s reputation in the long run.

Read this infographic by TeleMessage to learn about some tips for effective communications monitoring during the pandemic when working remotely. 


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