Things to Know Before Ordering Ready Mix Concrete


Ready-mix concrete is versatile and can be used for various purposes; make sure you choose the right concrete supplier. The mix is ​​placed on a self-propelled so that the concrete ingredients are in constant rotation when transported by truck.

The trucks used to transport them are specially designed and are known as transit mixers.

  • Beware of excess fly ash

Using excessive amounts of fly ash is against regulations. It weakens the mixer as it contains larger, less reactive particles. Anything more than this is a sign that the provider just wanted to increase their profits.

  • Check the ingredients

Ready-mix concrete is produced using various ingredients such as cement, admixtures, aggregates, and water. It is your responsibility to know the origin of each ingredient and its proportions. Ask your supplier to provide you with detailed information on the composition of the mixture. They usually buy ingredients from different sources. The blender will only be high-quality if the ingredients are purchased from reputable sources.

  • Experience concrete

Although all concrete suppliers claim to supply high quality ready-mix concrete, it is your responsibility to verify its quality. Look for providers with test kits at their facility where routine testing is done. Test the requested concrete mixers to check their strength and performance. A draft can be made to check the behavior of the material. You can be sure of the durability of a house built with high-quality concrete for small loads.

  • Know the additive you are using

Sometimes concrete suppliers add an excessive amount of admixture when preparing the concrete to restore the material’s workability. If the additive used contains chloride, you must check the percentage. If a large amount of chloride is mixed into the concrete, the steel reinforcement may corrode, which will affect the durability of the building.

  • Check the information on the delivery ticket

You should not only ask the supplier to provide you with a coupon for the supply of ready-mix concrete but also check the information contained in it. Some of the information you can expect is the name of the ready-mix concrete plant, the number of concrete plants, the serial number of the ticket, the location of the site, the truck number, the name of the buyer, the type of mixer of concrete supplied and the details of the mix design, size and type of concrete ingredients used.


It will be easier to consider the above points and order high-quality ready-mix concrete.



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