Two Questions Every Customer Service Manager Must Be Asking Everyday


Your most important assets aren’t your clients together with your employees. It’s the way your customers together with your employees experience your company. Your success as being a manager is directly proportional for that automotive abilities concurrently customer care and worker engagement. Happy employees will probably exceed for your customers. When your clients feel they’re looked after, they’ll return. You cannot satisfy customers with disengaged employees. Start there first. Just what should you do today to ensure the employees are engaged? As being a beginning point, start by asking a number of worker both of these questions every day:

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Precisely what are you hearing? You can’t make an effort to fulfill customers prior to deciding to remove all of the potential dissatisfiers within their experience. The American Customer Care Index found that the response rates for electronic surveys were averaging between 5% and 15%. If submissions are most of your method of getting feedback, then typically, you understand 15% from the customers’ angst. If you’re reaching customers if you supervise employees, you might know between 20 – 50% in the customers’ dissatisfiers. However, your Associates know 100% in the customers’ complaints and concerns as the customers tell them everyday. So uncover what they’re hearing and act to systematically remove any potential dissatisfiers.

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What can I truly do to meet your requirements? Jan Carlzon, former Chief executive officer of SAS Airlines and author within the book,


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